Jonathan Hoffman is a graduate of the BYU Animation program.  He has worked at Pixar for 7 years, as a part of the character shading team, appearing in the credits of 3 major motion pictures.  His passions include digital painting, maquette sculpture, and science fiction writing.  

Brad Montague is the creator of Kid President, the popular web series featured on Rainn Wilson's Soulpancake Youtube channel. What started as a small homemade web show has turned into a movement online with over 90 million views, global social good projects all over the world, a New York Times best selling book and a critically acclaimed television series. He is also the director of GO! Camp, an experience for teenagers who want to change the world, and co-founder of Love In Stereo, a collective of artists striving to create work that gives back. He and his family live and work in Tennessee.

Valerie Streit is a Senior Creative Insights Manager at YouTube / Google. Her team develops tools and actionable insights to help creators build loyal audiences and drive repeat engagement on the platform. Previously, she developed global social media and audience participation campaigns for CNN. Valerie began her career as a journalist in San Diego and San Francisco. She graduated with a Master's degree in Media Ecology from New York University, and she earned her bachelor's degrees in Communication and Theatre from the University of California, San Diego. Valerie is based in NYC.